Shalimar Compostable/Biodegradable/Eco Friendly Garbage Bag 24 X 32 Inches (Large) 30 Bags (3 Rolls) Dustbin Bag/Trash Bag – Green Color

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Product Description

About the Product ( Shalimar Garbage Bag )

Shalimar Bags are made of 100% authentic material which consists of PLA ( Polylactic Acid ) which is derived from corn starch and other bio based natural material. These bags given the desired natural environment decomposes into the soil and mixes naturally while maintaining its fertility and thus making it 100% natural material in all ways.

Shalimar has acquired its CPCB certificate “IS/ISO:17088”.

Shalimar garbage bags comes in roll form and in convenient packs of 15 or 10 bags. Each bag has a unique detachable tie-tape to tie the bags after use and for easy disposal. They are tough, thanks to a special type of star seal at the bottom. It comes with a simple perforation technology for quickly separating the bags from the roll. Our Garbage Bags are designed to spread the word of hygiene and cleanliness by easy disposal of waste. These bags offer great flexibility, convenience and ensure a high degree of hygiene, whether at home or in office. Garbage bag is a very useful product for places like Kitchen, Offices, Parties, etc.

Shalimar Garbage BagsShalimar Garbage Bags


“Shalimar Group” is a four decade old company based on manufacturing of plastic packaging products used for Retail and Industrial market. In the retail market, we are the leading manufacturer of OXO Garbage Bags. We have our presence across India. ‘Quality’, ‘Value’ and ‘Goodwill’ are the three core words that govern our activities; these define our image, hard work, enhanced qualitative thinking and help us to develop products for customers seeking quality, dependability and excellence. We believe in providing great service to our customers, therefore any query regarding our products feel free to reach out to us.

trash bagtrash bag


STAR SEALED BOTTOM FOR EXTRA STRENGTH :- The worst thing that could happen is when you’re on your way of taking out the trash and suddenly, the trash bag rips open from the bottom and everything falls out. Shalimar Garbage bags comes with star sealed bottom, which allows even weight distribution for extra strength and no leakage.MULTI-PURPOSE AND VERSATILE :- Garbage bag by Shalimar is the perfect choice because it’s ergonomically designed so that the bag easily fits in different shape bins ( square, round, oval, triangle, etc ). You can use it for indoor, outdoor, kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dog and cat waste, car trash, pet litter and many more.DETACHABLE TIE TAPE FOR EASY HANDLING :- Each bag has a unique detachable tie-tape to tie the bags after use and for easy disposal. They are tough, thanks to a special type of star seal at the bottom. At Shalimar, we pay attention to the details and include a tie-tape on every trash bag to tie the bag after use for easy and hygienic disposal of waste.

garbage baggarbage bag


Star Sealed BottomDetachable Tie-TapePerforation TechnologyExtra StrengthNo Leakage

Star sealed bottom provides extra strength and prevents any leakage
Most convenient method of Garbage disposal to maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene
Green color bags made of Virgin Raw Material. 100 % Recyclable & Decomposing in Nature

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