OrganizeMee Extra Large Steel Chopping Board Cutting, Food-Grade Chopping Cutting Slicing Serving Cut Board (Extra Large/50 X31 Cm X 1.5 Mm Thick) (Stainless Steel)

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Product Description

Chooping board choping board chopping boardsChooping board choping board chopping boards

stainless steel chopping cutting board.

steel chopping boardsteel chopping board

vegetable cutting knife for kitchen chopping board chopper wood with wooden mat cutter tray steelvegetable cutting knife for kitchen chopping board chopper wood with wooden mat cutter tray steel

Which cutting board is healthy?

The answer is the stainless steel cutting board.

Wooden cutting board, bamboo cutting board and plastic cutting board are easy to leave food residue and bacteria can be used or without use.

Regular disinfection reduces bacteria and increases again after 2-3 days.

With this stainless steel cutting board, you can easily solve this problem.

Dishwasher safe and disinfectable

And it is double sided so you can cook the creatures on one side, and the Delicatessen can be cut on another

stainless steel chopping cutting board. Antibacterial Odor free Mildew Resistant Dishwasher safe Leaves no residue Gets cleaned superfast

Small chopping cutting boardsSmall chopping cutting boards

steel chopping boards  board cutting boardssteel chopping boards  board cutting boards How we got our start?

We were concerned about the hygiene level of the chopping boards. From now on, the OrganizeMee Stainless steel chopping board gives you absolute confidence that you will no longer worry about bacteria.

We tried with Bamboo, mago wood chopping board and it was only getting worse. So, in 2018, a few Engineering friends got together to address this issue and founded OrganizeMee products which initiate conversation in kitchen once anyone have glance at our product

Stainless steel chopping cutting boards

Organizemee Stainless steel chopping cutting Metal board Fruit Board for Kitchen, Chopping Board for Vegetables Breads and Meats boards, Heavy Duty Safe Durable

What makes our cutting board the best?

· OrganizeMee cutting board innovatively uses food-grade stainless steel to eliminate the breeding of bacteria and mold from the root and ensure the surface of the cutting board is clean and tidy.

· Ergonomic Design: This butcher block is designed with perfect handle and for carrying and storing.

· Perfect Gift: Wrap it in a beautiful yellow bag and put it in a box, making it a wonderful housewarming gift for family and friends.

Material used in steel Boards considering that It Should Not Blunt Your knives ,its softer steel, steel boards last till generations, You don’t need to replace like other wooden & plastic board Easy To Clean And Healthy : Wooden and Plastic cutting board can be mildewed and smelly; while stainless steel chopping board has no peculiar smell if you use to cut chicken, mutton will not be moldy

best chopping cutting board kitchenbest chopping cutting board kitchen

Do you have these troubles?

Long-lasting cutting boards will become moisture, swelling, and smelly.

When cutting vegetables and fruits, the smell of fish and meat will transfer in reverse.

That’s why cutting boards aren’t healthy!

One amazing fact!

According to safety and hygiene data, there are over 3 months of household cutting boards with 2 billion bacteria per square centimeter.

In addition, the correct cooking method is to separate raw and delicatessen.

Stainelss steel chopping board wide application

Fruit Cutting friendlyFruit Cutting friendly

Kneed DoughKneed Dough

mutton chicken chopping board cutting boardsmutton chicken chopping board cutting boards

Fruit vegetable cutting friendly

Kneed The Dough

Mutton chicken cutting chopping board

The extra large steel cutting board size: 50 cm x 31 cm x 1.5 mm thick , used to cut meat, such as butcher pieces, vegetables, fruit or cheese. You can also use it as a dinner platter.
The surface of the chopping board is very smooth, it is easy to clean. The surface is marked with a scale. It is suitable for pizza, bread, mousse cakes and other foods that require size control. Safe in the dishwasher and in the oven.
Material used in steel boards considering that it should not blunt your knives,its softer steel,
Package Content: 1 Chopping board cutting

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