KWER Air Tight Container for Kitchen Storage Set Pack of 3 Kitchen Containers Set With Time Keeping On Top Lid 2100ml, 1400ml, 700ml Storage Box For Kitchen, plastic

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Product Description




Air Tight Containers For Kitchen Organizer Storage Set with Time keeping on Top Lid Breathable Valve Sealed

(2100ml x 1,1400ml x 1 ,700ml x 1)

(Set of 3) (Color: Green)


kwerkwer Why Choose Us ?

These containers are ideal for food storage in refrigerators.

We are uniquely designed to best serve the purpose and solve your everyday storage problems

Track Freshness Removable Strainer Leakproof Lid Design Different Sizes Stackable Design

KWER Fridge Storage Containers

Convenience above all

Who doesn’t like their refrigerators organized? That too while saving space? You are at the right place and we got you sorted!

The best part of our product is its lid which has a date dial, vents system, and a drainage tray at the bottom of the container.

CAUTION: DO NOT use these kitchen storage containers in dishwashers or ovens to avoid deformation.

Keeps the food fresh Date Dial Sealed freshness Easy to Clean Unique design Easy to carry and Use



Each of these fruit storage containers can easily be stacked on top of each other so you can manage your space more efficiently. Your refrigerator is all sorted and organized with these containers.



The chronograph dial at the top of the lid allows you to track the storage date, and keep track of the freshness and expiry of the food without labeling.



The lid of these storage containers is equipped with special sealing gaskets which makes the containers leakproof and airtight and ensures a longer and healthier food shelf life.



The removable strainer at the bottom is a plus to keep the food off of the surface after washing it.The water drips down and the food remains preserved for longer without spoilage.The stored food remains fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.



Our storage container set consists of 3 different-sized containers (1 Large 8.1L, 1 Medium 3.5L, and 1 Small 1.6L). Use them for fruits and vegetables of any kind.



The sealing valve at the center of the chronograph dial helps you completely seal the container.Simply pull up and push down the round rubber tab for ventilation to increase the shelf-life of food without leaving an odor.



We provide YOU the protective Rubber Ring sealed and non-leaking, can effectively prevent odor, keep food fresh and original.



Our clear storage containers are made of non-toxic, BPA-free, and food-grade PET plastic, which makes them perfect for refridgerator/freezer organization. CAUTION: DO NOT use these kitchen storage containers in dishwashers or ovens to avoid deformation.

Air Tight Containers For Kitchen Storage SetAir Tight Containers For Kitchen Storage Set


These food storage containers are designed transparently so that it is easier to look on the inside. They are made with high-quality food grade; BPA-free material for the safety of your health. You can preserve food in them for up to 2 weeks and that is how our product serves one of its purposes by keeping the food fresh for longer than expected. The scratch resistance and durable quality make the product stand out!The food storage containers can be used for other purposes as well i.e. to keep the food in your kitchen corner or cabinets but in an organized way. The best thing is that the three different sizes allow you to keep any type of food in the containers.The 3-piece food storage container set comes with the following package:Small : 0.7LMedium : 1.4LLarge : 2.1L



The food storage containers are specially designed for refrigerators and are freezer safe as well. Please wash the product by hand as they are easy to clean, do not use them in the dishwasher. Do not use them in the oven to avoid deformation.

Not dishwasher safeNot oven friendly

KWER Air Tight Container For Kitchen Storage Set Pack Of 3 Kitchen Containers Set With Time Keeping On Top Lid Breathable Valve Sealed 2100ml Kitchen Storage Containers Set 1400ml Air Tight Containers For Storage 700ml Storage Box For Kitchen Green Colour Storage Containers For Kitchen Airtight
Premium Safe Material:This storage containers is made by Food grade PET, BPA Free, safe and Non-toxic.
Fruit Containers for Fridge:There are three different capacities of containers that can be used to store many types of fruits or vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, strawberry, blueberry.Stackable, space-efficient, BPA-free, making it easy to keep your fruit fresh and your pantry organized
Multifunctional Functional: Dial on the top eliminates the need for labels and can be set to show when the stored product was initially enclosed. Helps keep track of freshness and potential expiration
Easy to Clean: Our fruit and veggie storage containers for fridge are easy to wash and clean. Every part is easily removable, including the leakproof sealing gasket and the date dial. These clear food storage containers are one of our kitchen must haves.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: These kitchen organizers and storage solutions are perfect for your kitchen necessities. If for ANY reason you aren’t satisfied with our fridge organizers, contact us and we’ll resolve it immediately.

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