Aqua Euro Care, RO Sediment Filter, RO Filter KIT, Carbon Filter, Suitable for All Kinds of RO, Import Quality

Price: ₹1,000 - ₹299.00
(as of May 26,2023 12:32:05 UTC – Details)

Looking for a top-quality water sediment filter that can ensure crystal-clear, contaminant-free water for you and your family? Look no further than our 0.5 micron water sediment filter! With its highly effective filtration technology, this filter is designed to remove even the tiniest of sediment particles from your water supply, including sand, dirt, rust, and other impurities that can affect the taste and quality of your water. And with its 0.5 micron filtration rating, you can rest assured that it will trap even the smallest of particles, leaving you with pure, refreshing water that’s perfect for drinking, cooking, and more.
Removes even the smallest sediment particles from water supply
0.5 micron filtration rating for maximum filtration
Improves taste and quality of water
Durable and long-lasting construction
Easy installation process
Enhances the minerals in water

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